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OMODA was conceived as part of the Art in Motion concept, which draws inspiration from avant-garde art.
It serves as an experimental platform where concepts of colour form are explored.
The design philosophy of Art in Motion is based on the idea that functional design can embody striking beauty,
inviting tactile engagement, visible from afar, and offering a captivating experience from behind the wheel.




Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

C5 1.5L Turbo Range
Recommended Retail Prices Start From

Plus On-Road Costs

Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

C5 GT 1.6L Turbo Range
Recommended Retail Prices Start From

Plus On-Road Costs


C5 Turbocharged Petrol Engine

Engine (L/Petrol)

Power (kW)

Torque (Nm)

Fuel Consumption (L/100km)


C5 GT Turbocharged Petrol Engine

Engine (L/Petrol)

Power (kW)

Torque (Nm)

Fuel Consumption (L/100km)



Each element, from the stylish grille and 18-inch two-tone alloy wheels
to the floating roof and dynamic fastback bodywork, along with the T-shaped daytime running lights
and dynamic turn signals, contributes to creating a sporty and contemporary look.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Advanced LED Optics
Turn heads with the T-shaped daytime running lights, high-quality LED headlights and staggered matrix tail lights offering utility and style. *Overseas model is shown.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Futuristic Silhouette
The OMODA C5’s unique shape not only sets it apart from other vehicles but also helps to improve its performance by reducing drag and improving handling. Owning an OMODA C5 with its distinctive shape is sure to turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd. *Overseas model is shown.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Floating Roof
The floating roof adds visual brilliance to the car - an effect created by the black finish of the B-pillars, C-pillars and the tinted rear windows. *Overseas model is shown.




The OMODA C5 interior is meticulously crafted with a focus on comfort, blending modern innovation
with user-friendly interfaces. Every detail, from the high-quality materials to the thoughtfully designed seating and ergonomics,
creates an atmosphere of indulgence and relaxation. When you step inside the OMODA C5,
you’ll be greeted by a space that invites you to enjoy the journey knowing that your safety is a priority.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Sport Seats
The sporty front seats are heated and ventilated whilst featuring a variety of electrical adjustments for both driver and passenger comfort. *Overseas model is shown.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Ambient Lighting
Personalise the mood of the OMODA C5 interior with over 60+ colours, elevating the stylish interior. *Overseas model is shown.

Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Power Tailgate
OMODA C5 delivers convenient luxury to your every day with the power tailgate. *Overseas model is shown.




An in-built intelligent companion that powers your journey with advanced features.

Feature-rich and unafraid to embrace the future, the sheer breadth of the OMODA C5’s
technology stands out against the competition and is bound to leave a lasting impression.
Apart from cutting-edge features the OMODA Intelligent Design System understands and
anticipates the needs of modern drivers.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Digital Instrument Panel
The instrument panel and multimedia complex are presented in the form of dual LCD displays with a diagonal of 10.25 inches with HD resolution and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. *Overseas model is shown.



Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Wireless Phone Charging
The wireless charging module for two smartphones not only efficiently charges but also informs you if the device is not installed in the charging slot. *Overseas model is shown.

Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Remote Engine Start
Remote start technology allows you to start the engine with a smart key and comfort access allows you to open the car when approaching. *Overseas model is shown.





Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

5-Star Safety Rating
The OMODA C5 has received the top rating stars of ANCAP, indicating excellent performance in crash protection tests and comprehensive, robust crash avoidance technology. *Overseas model is shown.

Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Advanced Driving Assistance System
ADAS includes safety features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping and Automatic Low/High Beam Switching. *Overseas model is shown.





Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

7-Year Unlimited Km Warranty
Every new OMODA vehicle is crafted with precision and care to the highest of industry standards. From our team of world-class designers who obsess over every detail, to our skilled product engineers who fine-tune our cars for optimal service.

Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

Up to 7 Years Roadside Assistance
Stay worry-free on the road with a new OMODA for up to 7 years with OMODA’s Roadside Assist Program. While the first 12 months of roadside assistance coverage is provided on a complimentary basis, customers can renew their roadside assistance coverage for 12 months with every scheduled service at an authorised OMODA dealer, to have total roadside assistance coverage for up to 7 years.

Call 0800 662 326




Blackwells Omoda Jaecoo

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